Nothing feels better than a breath of fresh air. My old website has served me well, but like every fine thing, now it’s time to go. I prefer Hugo (and the really nice Terminal theme) to my old website. Let’s talk about these for a moment.

I used to host my website on github pages, but since it got a bit more interactive, i decided to move it to a free (now paid) tiny VPS hosting, Ever since died and a lot of my projects were lost to time (or were they?), I started looking for a better solution. A year later, in 2019, I bought an OVH VPS and worked on it ever since. Recently due to shortage of money, my old VPS has been wiped out. After a while I decided to move, but a few things stopped me.

  • Most of the services I could find didn’t support PHP, which my site initially used.
  • Using a free service for my fairly computation-expensive projects that I used to run on my old VPS doesn’t seem ethical.

Midway 2020, I got a new website and a new domain. My content used to be hosted on (or, earlier, - I stopped using this domain, because many of the content filters wouldn’t let it through - a downside of using FreeDNS, I guess). I switched to HTTPS later, but the pages that were archived on the Web Archive seem to be split between HTTP and HTTPS.

Why am I moving off my old (and consequently a bit newer) website design? Why won’t the new designs be available? What will happen to the old blog posts? I’ll try to answer all of these questions:

  • I decided to abandon my oldest website because it’s not relevant anymore. It was a nice touch, but it’s simply outdated, it uses an outdated technology that makes it hard to make content for, it’s not very good UX-wise (especially on PC, paradoxically it’s a bit better on mobiles). What I liked about both of my websites is their lightweightness (no JavaScript whatsoever).
  • The new website design still wasn’t the thing I was looking for. It still always looked a tiny bit off to me, and I wanted to improve my website for a long time. Today is the day, it seems.
  • The old designs won’t be available, because they were such a mess. But think of all the mess that leaving all of the three versions of the same website would make…
  • I value some of the old content on both of my websites. It’s definitely staying, just in a better shape.

To sum things up, none of the old content will be gone. It will just change it’s shape. That being said, I consider the case of my new website/blog closed. ’till the next time!