jcram ide

jcram is an information-theoretic attempt at designing a golfing language. it is based on JavaScript - and in fact, it is precisely JavaScript - but retrofitted to be used in a golfing context and compete with conventional golfing langauges. to make programs shorter, jcram makes use of a custom data compression scheme that is remarkably efficient when applied to short snippets of JavaScript code. further, the following libraries are included - lodash: 4.17.10, ramda: 0.29.0, mathjs: 12.4.0. of course, this is not a serious attempt or language, as code golfers generally seek sophistication stemming from sources that are not efficient data compression. in order to function, this website downloads the compressor code (.wasm, 45KB) and the model (.bin, ~30MB gzipped).

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bottom line: this is not a serious compressor, please do not use it for anything serious. this is also not something innovative: remarkably interested individuals are advised to research nncp and related projects, on which this toy compressor is based. if you plan to compete in code-golf using jcram, please do not just plagiarise existing javascript solutions. in fact, you can attain better scores if you write the submission yourself, and then modify it in the interactive window to make it shorter: this way, you can take advantage of the quirks of the model and the compressor that can make (ultimately longer) code shorter.