About me

Simply put: An esolang programmer, low level fangirl, CS passionate, mathematician by heart. Chess player. she/her, ASD. Find me on:


  • Expert: C, x86/8051/6502/Z80 assembly, Perl, Java/JVM in general
  • Confident in: C++, APL, J, WASM, Lua, TypeScript
  • Esolangs: asm2bf, Brainfuck, Malbolge, Seed, Befunge 93/98, probably a lot more
  • Basic: PHP, C#, Scala, Lisp, Haskell, Haxe, ActionScript3, all kinds of BASIC
  • Tools: AutoIt3, sed, make, shell


  • asm2bf (2016-2021), an very powerful custom assembler targetting brainfuck (and bfvm, consequently - C, and many more languages that compile to brainfuck - there are well over 200 of these). The project received a fair bit of attention.
  • mtcracker (2019-2020), the most efficient (seed size to generation time ratio) mersenne twister cracker (recovering the initial seed) made for use with the Seed esolang. Includes source code in x86 assembly and a description of a better generation algorithm. Mentioned by the Mersenne Twister polish wikipedia article.
  • malbolgelisp (2020), a lisp interpreter in malbolge unshackled. alongside a malbolge hello world I made, mentioned on the english wikipedia.
  • codegolf (2017-2021), around 140 submissions on the codegolf stackexchange website.
  • compression (2021) - a 5,9 kilobyte windows executable that decompresses files compressed with a special algorithm which achieves better ratios than LZMA and GZip. Includes a bunch of benchmarks.


I have helped in development of the following projects:

  • esolangs wiki.
  • Ghidra, a reverse-engineering environment.
  • Notepad++, a Windows code editor.
  • RE/Flex, a very fast lexer generator for C++.
  • DwarFS, a fast high compression read-only file system.

Small (one shot) projects - they will probably miss all sorts of documentation

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